Climbers walking in Indian Creek, Utah

How to get involved

OpenBeta is an open source project, and you can help!

Four ways you can get involved:

Contributor Code of Conduct

OpenBeta platform development

Your industry experience can give the project a huge boost.

Software development
  • UX designers.
  • Frontend developers with CSS, Javascript, React experience.
  • Backend developers with Node.js, Python experience.
  • Data scientists, machine learning specialists.
  • Technical writers, grant writers.
  • Illustrators, graphic designers.
  • Community managers.
  • Program managers.
Still not sure how to get start started?
  • Have a look at the Project Roadmap to see what we're working on.
  • Join the Discord chat server to chat with volunteers and climbers.
  • Help us sustain the project by becoming a supporter for as little as $3/month. Donate now.

Questions? email us at