Our Projects

Climbing Route Catalog

Status: Active

The climbing route catalog, openbeta.io, is a free online catalog of rock climbing routes developed and maintained by a community of volunteers.

It is more than just about building a website to share climbing information in an open manner. The project stands as a testament to the strengths of both individuals and communities. When a small group of climbers and supporters of open source care enough to take matters into their own hands, together we can make a positive impact in our own community.

Climb Search API

Status: Active

The climb search API enables other applications to search for climb names in milliseconds. Initially, we built this out of necessity to power the search on our websites. However, we decided to open up access to this API to help accelerate the development of other climbing-related projects in the open-source space.

First Ascensionist Data Cleanup

Status: Planned

First ascensionists (FAs) played a crucial role in the development of rock climbing. However, the records of notable first ascents and the growth of modern rock climbing are spread across websites with unclear data licenses or in printed guidebooks, some of which are no longer in print.

Our database currently holds information on over 200,000 climbs, but the data about first ascents is incomplete and unstructured. We want to organize and arrange this information by climbers' names and dates. By doing so, we will enable community users to curate and catalog climbs by first ascensionists in ways not possible before.

  • Project outcome: A public domain dataset of climbs and normalized first ascensionist data in a machine readable format.
  • Learn more: FA Data Cleanup